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What is Variantic?

Variantic is a web-based 3D product configurator allowing manufacturers to create and present custom versions of products through a most appealing visual interface available. More than any catalogue can handle, in a digitally-advanced and customer-engaging way. It is a CPQ solution, delivering real price in real time.

Variantic runs on ‘product rules’ into which all the engineering knowledge is coded once, and then reused during every single configuration. This allows completion of any valid configuration, while disallows any that is technologically unfeasible or simply undesired.

Variantic also helps manufacturers streamline their production processes by automatically generating technical drawings, bills of materials, product renderings, all based on the actual configuration and created without any input from engineering.



How does it help?

Shopping becomes a complicated process.

An increasing share of e-commerce, a constantly growing group of conscious customers who are looking for products fully tailored to their expectations and needs.

This creates challenges, but above all, new opportunities in the area of ​​shaping customer journey and UX

  • Boosted basket
    According to Forbes, companies using 3D configurators have experienced conversion rates 40% higher than traditional online methods and a 30% improvement in average sales prices.
  • Maximized purchase value
    A Deloitte survey found that one-fifth of consumers who expressed interest in personalization were willing to pay 20% more for customized products.
  • Model accuracy
    95% of customers favor interacting with 3D product renderings over video playback alternatives.
  • Social validation
    When customers are empowered to design their own products, they'll share this exciting and empowering experience with their circle of trust. Social video generates 1200% more shares than image and text content combined.
  • Increased perception of quality and satisfaction
    Bain & Co. research found that customers who designed their own shoes gave brands a 50% higher Net Promoter Score


Who We Are

As a CAD/CAM software provider and system integration consultant we have been in the market for over 20 years, consistently extracting knowledge from valuable insights of close to 550 customers to date and transforming it into a unique experience pool.

Our expertise in developing automation for leaders of manufacturing industries led us to collect a comprehensive knowledge base which laid a foundation for crafting the innovative tool we are offering to you now.

A team of 12 professionals devoted almost 10 years exclusively to produce a universal multimedia platform aimed at supporting mass customization requirements the manufacturers are facing today.

Given the customers’ expectations of immersive visual experience reinforcing their purchasing confidence on one hand, and manufacturers’ need to solve the missing link between product customization and efficient production process, we hereby deliver a single-source solution that has it all.

The Variantic platform.