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Price calculation 

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How does it work?

Variantic is an innovative tool that elevates your presentations and sales to new highs. It is a platform for creating web-based 3D configurators. The system makes the product’s customizability and mechanics visible via the webpage. Variantic can be placed within an e-commerce system for dynamic price calculation and product visualization.



Why us?

Variantic introduces e-commerce into a whole new experience. Presenting assortment with detailed 3D objects allows consumers to better get to know products as well as increase their attractiveness. By choosing Variantic you get:

  • design environment, in which you can build parametric models of your own commodity
  • ability to import models from other CAD software and programs.
  • configurator for your clients, which you can embed in your website
  • dynamically calculated price
  • system which allows for integration with other production software currently available in your business


Variantic and your business growth

Variantic is constantly developing platform. new functions and patches are introduced regularly based on the newest technology. By choosing Variantic you are assured that your 3D configurator will be working reliably and delivers a better user experience.


As a company with years of experience in the field of CAD/CAM software, we fully recognize the needs of manufacturing companies as well as obstacles which are faced by the sales department. With that in mind, we had developed many solutions that are employed with success in many companies.


Our software is delivered to more than 400 companies from different countries.