Tecnocim CAD CAM ROB Software becomes an official partner of Variantic

Héctor Soler - Commercial Director of Tecnocim with its headquarter in Barcelona strongly believes that Variantic will support company's strategic targets and will make a clear differentiation versus competitors' offering mainly in the furniture market.


Spain is one of the leading players in the furniture industry in Europe. Developments in manufacturing technology and upsurge in demand for customizable furniture are the key factors that drive the growth of the market. Variantic will become an indispensable part of that growth - CAGR 2020-2026 is estimated on the level of 3,4% - says Jarosław Urban, Chief Commercial Officer of Variantic.


During 2019, Spanish furniture exports reached EUR 2,318 million, which represents an increase of 4.7% compared to the previous year. Furniture exports to the four main markets, France, Portugal, Germany, and United Kingdom accounted for 53.5% of total Spanish furniture exports.