• Chested and upholstered furniture

    Variantic was designed for the furniture industry from the very beginning. On the design phase of the project, we knew exactly what input data were necessary for the system to integrate easily with CAD/CAM and ERP. Variantic can access information about material type and price from other systems. Output data contains full specifications with materials needed for production. System can handle unique aspects of furniture such as veneer, edge banding or oversizing the elements.


    Upholstered furniture with a multitude of materials as well as components customization is an ideal opportunity to use the configurator. Customer is able to see what cannot be shown on the photo. For example, open the container or check how to regulate headboards.

  • Connecting with TopSolid Wood and Production

    An important aspect of every solution is its ability to integrate with other systems. Variantic possesses an extremely unique feature. With thanks to CAD/CAM program for designing and manufacturing furniture, TopSolid Wood, Variantic is able to deliver custom orders directly to the production line. Every parameter that has been set are transferred to TopSolid Wood. Which with its component library processes the order and automatically create documentation as well as necessary programs for CNC,


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  • Ukazanie rozstrzaƂu

    Another usage for furniture configurator is B2B field. It can be used as a virtual catalogue for the exhibitors. It will be that much easier to present possibilities of customization to less-experienced dealers. Salesperson who can show the finalized product with calculated price in front of the client is just another argument for quick finalization. Customer is also able to receive or send personalized product through the mail.