• Case and Upholstered Furniture

    Variantic from the very beginning was created with the furniture industry in mind. At the system design stage, we knew what output data would be needed for the system to be easily integrated with CAD/CAM and ERP solutions. Variantic gets information about available materials and prices from external systems. The output contains the full material specification needed for production. The system reads unique properties for the furniture industry, such as veneers, edges or oversizing of elements.


    Upholstered furniture with a variety of materials and fabrics, but also the configurability of the segments, is also a great opportunity to use the configurator. The customer can see what is not visible in the picture or in the catalog: open the bedding container or check how the headrests are adjusted.

  • Combined with TopSolid Wood and production

    An important aspect of each solution is its integration with other systems. Variantic has an extremely unique feature: the ability to transfer orders directly to production thanks to the CAD / CAM furniture design and manufacturing program TopSolid Wood. With the help of the library prepared, the program processes the sent data, automatically creating flat documentation, as well as programs for numerical CNC machines.

    See the Video Material

  • B2B catalog

    Another area to use the furniture configurator are B2B platforms.


    Variantic becomes a virtual catalog for any showroom employee who can present the final product to the customer along with a quote. This allows to significantly make the offer more attractive and accelerate sales. Upon request, the customer may also receive a link to a personalized piece of furniture at the e-mail address provided.