• Pergolas - Internet Showroom

    Variantic is the perfect tool for configuring patio pergolas. Select the appropriate size, color and additional elements and see what the final product will look like through detailed 3D graphics. All this without expensive catalogs, photos and huge showrooms. Thanks to the Variantic configurator you will be able to prepare and view the selected product together with the customer.


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  • Tailored to your needs

    You can demonstrate the different sizes and ways of attaching patio pergolas.

    To the wall of a building or free-standing?

    Fixed to the terrace or behind it?

    White wood or black powder coated steel?

    Variantic will show you every option.

  • You don't have to remember everything

    Variantic is the perfect tool for anyone involved in sales. Each change of the pergola in the configurator takes into account the product design assumptions in accordance with the technical documentation and technological possibilities.


    Variantic is your virtual catalog - up-to-date, attractive, showcasing the product selected by the customer.

  • AR Technology

    In the near future, Variantic will allow you to display personalized 3D models in AR (Augmented Reality) virtual reality. This will be done via the website without the need to install the application. It will allow you to place large structures such as pergolas on the client's terrace and watch them in virtual reality from each side.