• Vehicles and more

    Variantic is an ideal tool for all vehicle company. Why, you ask? It helps deal with basic obstacle which every salesperson encounter - competitiveness and custom approach towards customer. With the help of well-designed configurator, you are able to give the customer tools they need for creating their custom product, and what follows is the fact that your sales department experience less strain. But what’s more important, your sales will improve.

  • Representation of every detail

    One of the key features we are focusing on is the capability to most faithfully reproduce elements of your product. With constant updates and improvements of a graphical engine, you are able to show even the smallest of details. Overrun brake, spare wheel, side supports and even load attachments. In addition, you can demonstrate the process of closing and opening as well as sizes of the container, whole vehicle and mass.

  • Custom configuration

    Creating dependencies between different elements is an important aspect. In semi-trailer example, the choice of not having tilt should affect the possibility to chose the colour. Dependencies work also other way around, by giving additional customizable options where needed. All of this can be set up in our solution. It is up to you what customer can customize and in what degree.