Variantic in Brazil

E-commerce has been growing rapidly in Brazil and has become even more relevant with the advent of the pandemic, which has been changing the way people consume. Many companies have already established their B2B and B2C tools, but for those who wish to offer a personalized product, this task is more complex, and requires more advanced technologies, which allow the consumer to experience a more pleasant way of parameterizing and configuring a product.

That is why TopSolid'Brasil decided to become the exclusive distributor of Variantic. Due to its modern, fast and reliable approach, Variantic expands the possibilities of selling personalized products over the internet in a unique way. "We believe that with Variantic, Brazilian companies will finally be able to offer their consumers a new and efficient way of buying online, where configuring and customizing the desired product will become an innovative and unprecedented experience." explains Glauber Longo, general manager of TopSolid´Brasil.